People often ask me for my Facebook information an are shocked when meet with the response I don’t have a Facebook account (it’s inactive). The reasoning behind this is not because I feel Facebook is trading or selling my information, or I’m scared I might attract a 56 year old man stalker who still lives in his moms basement (lol jk). I’ve had a Facebook profile for both myself an a past employer, yes an employer gave me a fake alias and the target was to push friends and viewers back to the main home site. However in between the time doing that, so much can distract the human mind, especially with all the new features and advertisements facebook has.

It has become so integrated into analyzing you, it begins to take you off course from what you’re doing before you can even realize it. I use to go about 30 min to an hour, before checking to see if I have any new updates and that’s how the habit forms.  I feel it has some marketing value, but I feel twitter is still a step up in advertising but a step down in app gadgets like facebook and for me that’s not a bad thing at all.

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