When relaunching AnthonyWD I was both excited yet nervous. Excited that with help from Google, this time I could learn more about my site such as how many visitors were new visitors compared to returning, what the demographic was of my viewers, and how my viewers were both interacting and viewing my website. This kind of information is critical for User Interface / Experience Designers. Those are the guys or gals who make sure the functionality and interaction of the site with the user / viewer is intuitive, engaging, and stimulating.

So far the review show’s great results and just what I figured my new viewers would outweigh the returning visitors. However after this second period I want to see if I can flip that. The goal here is to have people enjoy coming to the site, and how shall we do that? I have a few ideas from working along side a marketing team an I’m pretty excited to see next months review. Currently the last 3 days show booming traffic, an I’ve just begun. =)


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