Developer vs Designer are you this or are you that? Seems to be the question I tend to hear a lot when speaking with recruiters. I fully understand why they are asking, as they want to ensure the time they’re spending on you is met with a person who’s passionate for the role. That’s the key, I’m passionate about the job roles I apply for.

I don’t focus so much on the position title. But look at the skills / duties the position calls for, do I value the company / product / software I’m about to work for, and do I feel a sense that I can I contribute my past experiences to it’s growth. In all of my roles Jr Client Engineer, Graphic Designer, Front End Developer. One thing is for sure…you need to be a Digital Swiss Army Knife LOL! You have to be able to adapt and wear multiple hats while at a company. But to my benefit ever sense college I have had a passion for Design and Development. Thus allowing me to obtain a degree in both fields. However the true key is a continual process of learning, interacting / collaborating in communities, and keeping that passion alive.

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